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Getting Your Shit Together: how to decompress the stress

Getting Your Shit Together is a monthly column on everyday mental health from Auckland mindfulness educator Kristina Cavit. In her final column of the series she’s talking to Sheryn Gieck about how to find clarity in a world full of stress and anxiety. I’ve just returned from teaching yoga and mindfulness at the NPH orphanage i ..

What Happens When You Think Your Life Is Not The One You Want?

In the last half of 2015 we ran our first Retreat, 3 days of The Work of Byron Katie and Yoga. We went to a tranquil retreat place in Auckland where they looked after us beautifully so we could do what we were there for - The Work of BK and Yoga. It was a magical 3 days and I knew Retreats were to be one of Mindfreedoms offerings moving forward ..

Us Two. How The Work of Byron Katie brought us closer together

Photo credit: Lawrence Smith (http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/well-good/77146344/us-two-sheryn-gieck-and-amelia-mccombie) for Sunday Magazine I went through a period in my late teens where I had an eating disorder. It was on and off and on again for maybe two years. I wanted to tell Mum but didn't think I could. I had it in my head it was  ..

It's all about me

Were you raised like me to think of others, to fit in with them, to be kind to them, sometimes to put their needs before your own?? Were you told not to think of yourself, to not be selfish, and to not be a show off or not to be too much, too little, too noisy, too quiet, too visible, too invisible... and on and on. The reference point see ..

Garden girl

This beauty sits in my garden. I call her Garden Girl. She brings a smile to my face, as she lounges deliciously in her nakedness. There is a certain coyness about her with her toes tucked under and knees together, and yet the way her head is propped in her hand and the chin slightly lifted upwards, a deliciousness feeling that she is pretty pl ..

A creative experience

What The Work means to Sheryn. A creative experience with ArtFull Expressions (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChBYIK1SfdN7KGsfQHYdDBw). ..

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