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Garden girl

This beauty sits in my garden. I call her Garden Girl. She brings a smile to my face, as she lounges deliciously in her nakedness. There is a certain coyness about her with her toes tucked under and knees together, and yet the way her head is propped in her hand and the chin slightly lifted upwards, a deliciousness feeling that she is pretty pleased with herself. Not in an arrogant, notice me type of way, rather in a quiet, easy, this is me and I like me, sort of way. Anyway this is my projection on Garden Girl!

Garden Girl Image

It got me thinking..where did we humans lose this? Why are so many of us plagued with self doubt, upset, striving?? It seems that we got it all mixed up. We are raised from an early age to look outside of ourselves. What do I need to do to fit into my family? to be loved by family and friends? to get good marks from teachers? to have an employer approve of me? to have symbols of success, like possessions, qualifications, good looks, so people admire and respect me??? We have been living from the outside in....carrying the stressful burden of ' what do I have to do, have and be to be loved and appreciated?

In all that looking out, we forgot to look in. Look in to get to know ourselves, to experience what is true, unique and authentic for us..asking what feels right, what feels good, what is respectful to me?? We forgot to ask the most important person all these big important questions..ourselves. Didn't realise how crazy, and ultimately hopeless, it is to expect it to come from outside of ourselves?? We have been living life from the outside in.

The practices of The Work and Yoga invite us to turn in. They ask that we take our focus from out there and start to turn our focus inwards. They say 'get quiet' so you can hear your mind, you can question your stressful thoughts, feel your breath and your inner body, in other words to experience the truth, the wisdom and the love that lives inside us. Living life from the inside out..with the intimacy, honesty and connection with self and meeting the world from this place. Phew..the relief as we experience that it really is within us. Perhaps as The Work spreads and yoga returns to its original roots of 'union with self', more and more of us human beings will breathe a big sigh of relief, stretch on back with our face turned to the sun, and a soft smile like Garden Girl.

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