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It's all about me

Were you raised like me to think of others, to fit in with them, to be kind to them, sometimes to put their needs before your own?? Were you told not to think of yourself, to not be selfish, and to not be a show off or not to be too much, too little, too noisy, too quiet, too visible, too invisible... and on and on.

The reference point seemed to always point outwards, looking outside of ourselves for love and approval. For me, this was exhausting, and pretty hopeless... as I looked outwards there was no one home with me. In all that outward looking, it is like look at the world and trying to respond and adapt to it, without regard to whether it is right or true for me, as there is no relationship with self.

My experience with The Work and Yoga has been purely that. Learning to have a relationship with myself. Both practices have asked me to turn inwards. To stop looking outwards to gauge how to be and what to be in the world, and go in and ask me, listen to me. The Work with the Turnarounds points always back to me, it is always about me. There is great honesty to this, as how can anyone know what's right/best for me, except me. And how can I possibly know about someone else?

It is truly a 'homecoming', real self love... living life from the inside out. Tuning in with me as to what is authentic and meeting the world from here.

“When you love yourself, you automatically love us. You can’t not.” — Byron Katie

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