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Us Two. How The Work of Byron Katie brought us closer together

Photo credit: Lawrence Smith for Sunday Magazine

I went through a period in my late teens where I had an eating disorder. It was on and off and on again for maybe two years. I wanted to tell Mum but didn't think I could. I had it in my head it was something that was so shameful, and no one would love me if they found out. I kept it fully secret. It was such a relief to feel like I could tell her. When I finally did, she just opened her arms and hugged me. She didn't start crying, or turn it into drama. She just accepted. That was huge.
- Amelia. From the Us Two article in Sunday Magazine

A few years ago I would never have dreamed I would share this so publicly as I was convinced I would be judged harshly and deemed "unlovable"... Wow, that just shows the power of the mind, because the amount of love and support I have received is overwhelming.

I am so grateful to mum for introducing me to The Work of Byron Katie, as without this tool I would never have realised that the pain I was feeling wasn't because of my body, my relationships, my family etc... It was because of my thoughts that I was believing at the time.

With The Work I have been able to question these stressful thoughts and negative beliefs, and they have slowly dropped away... My dream is to share this transformational tool with whoever is experiencing some kind of stress/suffering in their lives, as it truly is life changing.

With love and gratitude,
Amelia x

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