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We offer you a deep sensory experience of questioning your stressful thoughts.


A free presentation about The Work of Byron Katie to any group or organisation who may be interested.  Presenters, Sheryn and Amelia, will share how The Work has profoundly transformed their lives, and how if they can you can.  How your levels of stress/suffering can be radically reduced so that you live a life of unimaginable freedom and joy.  Finishing the time with questions, insights and what next and how to experience it.   

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One-on-one sessions are available through your choice of communication: Skype, in person or over the phone.

  • Cost:

    First session: 1.5 hours: $60

    1 hour (single session): $90 per session
    1 hour (5 or more sessions): $75 per session

    1.5 hours (single session): $110 per session
    1.5 hours (5 or more sessions): $90 per session

To book a session, or find out more, please contact Sheryn


Doing The Work over 2 days gives time for more familiarity in using The Work, and the time to do The Work on a number of stressful situations you are experiencing. It is in a group setting which allows for a variety of ways to experience The Work, and to gain from others insights, reflections and support.

Next Workshop: 28th and 29th September, 2019, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm both days. Cost $350 or early bird $300 if paid by the 5th September.  Venue: central Auckland.

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The Retreats offer a powerful inward focus for the mind and body. As the Retreat takes place over a few days and it is residential, this time and space out of your 'normal' life and routines, makes way for amazing insights and transformation to happen. Start the day with an energising awakening yoga session, then during the day, doing The Work, questioning your stressful thoughts and stories, to complete the day with a soft, integrating yin yoga practice. Delicious vegetarian food and a beautiful, natural environment will totally support you as you experience these two transformative practices.  There are no scheduled Retreats at this time, email sheryn@mindfreedom.co.nz if you are interested in future Retreats.


Sheryn and Amelia, along with Kirsty Van DeGeer, co own Eastwest Yoga studio.  They both teach regularly at the studio and run The Work Introductions there on a regular basis.  See their website www.eastwest.co.nz for more information about the studio and their offerings.


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