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Byron Katie says that "when we believe our stressful thoughts we suffer, and when we don't believe them, we don't suffer."

Stressful thoughts like... 'I'm not good enough, he should treat me better, I can't do that, she is lazy, the weather is too cold, he is weird, she is fat, I have to succeed, she can't be trusted' etc. determine whether we live in peace or stress.

Once believed, they run the show, finding all the proof they need to go 'See, I am right!'.

Today people are aware that our mind is powerful and the cause of our distress. We have tried to meditate the thoughts away, scream them out, breathe them through, talk about them, sometimes for years, replace new ones on top... and yet when they believed they are like Velcro, stuck in the mind, bringing the same old familiar stress.

How do we change the beliefs? How do we quieten them down? How do we get to know our minds? How do we live more peacefully? Eckhart Tolle (author of 'The Power of Now') says "The Work is the How".

The Work is a simple yet profound tool, that questions the stressful thought. It is 4 questions and turnarounds that you put up against the stressful thought. It is not therapy, it is Inquiry.

The Steps:

  1. Identify your stressful thoughts.
  2. Fill in a Judge Your Neighbour worksheet.
  3. Ask the 4 questions.
  4. Sit quietly, wait for your answers and report them.
  5. Turn the thoughts around

To learn more about how Byron Katie started The Work and to see The Work in action with Katie, visit her website thework.com.

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